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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The news says "hundreds gathered"...I've heard estimates from 3,000 to 5,000. Hard to tell for sure because we were in three different places over 60 acres of land or so and walking to and fro perpetually. More were arriving from all over the country.

By now you'd have to be living under an ant hill not to know who Lt. Watada is and what his stance is. It is important to keep his name in the limelight so that others can find the same support he has.

I urge you to go to so you can see the other names of the many who are counting on us to give them voices as well.

Lt. Watada is a leader in the Army. But now he is a leader of legions. His name is amongst many who have resisted. He is not the first... but I hope he'll be the last.
This photojournal will be in parts.

Part one... the turn out and signs.

The IVAW Deployed Bus - it was our shuttle.

Cristy from CPPortland spotted me right away.

It's SEAN fucking PENN!!! WHOOT!

leading up to the overpass

You can't get the full scope of how many were there. I wasn't even able to cross the overpass to get photos of the other side.

This was the exact corner me and Marianne were on last time. By ourselves.

Portland Pooches for Peace! Make Tacos! Not War.

Darrel Anderson of IVAW

Of course there were some Counter-Protesters: There was only these few. They were right next to a man whose son was killed in Iraq who was showing his support for Watada.

She's hollering at us as we pass by. She called me a "fucking bitch".

Next journal... the Puppetistas! :)


  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger Iowa Victory Gardener said…

    Yay Janet! I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping you'd be able to get something posted here. Really appreciate your hard work and the great photos you always get of the events ... it's so good you're documenting all of this.

    Very impressive to see all that pink out there and I'm proud to say I know someone who's on site and doing her damndest to keep this in the spotlight and stop the war and injustice.

    PS... stop over at my place when you get a chance ... I put a little surprise up there just for you. :-)

  • At 1:58 PM, Blogger Janet said…

    I stopped by and was WOWWED :)

    I tried to post in your blog but couldn't. Odd.

    here's some more photos - they're at;jsessionid=AA7016C7C91E66B5D6D423AFCA1CB4C3?diaryId=14433

    can't get them up yet, as I'm out the door.

    Peace and Courage! Love, Janet

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Iowa Victory Gardener said…

    Hey there DJ... glad you at least got to see that, but don't understand why it wouldn't let you post a comment. I've had glitchy stuff like that happen at Olivia's and FM's places, so wonder if it is somehow related to switching the blogs over to the new version of blogger (which I did last week).

    Anyway, wanted you to know I was thinking fondly of you and sending some flowers your way... glad you saw them!


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