Peace Gone Wild

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Riot Police/Police Riot

Portland, my home, was terrorized Sunday several times. Not by foreign "terrorists". Not by drugged out hippies.


But by the police force.

Our city is beautiful, but our police are ugly.

One Riot Caught by the Oregon News

Before the march even happened... the Peace Community of Portland worked with the City, the Portland Police Bureau and others to ensure safety and peace. We asked that there be no horses or riot gear as those are intimidating. Bikes were okay and that there'd be hundreds of Peace Keepers to help keep things from escalating.

This is what the "force" chose to do Sunday instead.

The police presence was so high that one might say that they seemed to be marching along side of the protesters, as if they themselves were participants in the dissent.

But in reality, they were escorting the marchers just as if they were escorting prisoners to other destinations within their jail.

And this photos is especially interesting. Notice the FINGER IN AN UP AND READY POSITION?? That is called WEAPON DRAWN.

On Portland Indy Media Activism/Action site thie below was needed...

"Injured/sprayed yesterday?

Contact the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) at 503-295-6400.
But Most Importantly: have the injury documented by a medical professional (if you don't have access to one, call the street medics at 503-233-3194).

If you can't get in to see someone today, have a friend take a picture of the injury (if it's visible such as bruises, cuts, etc.) Use a film camera, if possible. It holds up better in court.

If you think you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), please call the medics, they will direct you to resources that can help."

An eye witness account speaks to the "peacekeepers":

"Towards the end of the march a group marched towards Burnside and were stopped infront of Carl Greve's by the police. There was massive use of pepper spray initially. However, once things had calmed down and the police were in their alignments it continued to happen. A woman was standing 4 feet away from the police line of for officers chanting "This is what a police state looks like" she was not flipping the police the finger and she was not using any profanity. She was not asked to move, and she never made any attempt to get closer to the police line. She made no gesture of violence, or of any other kind. She just stood there chanting "This is what a police state looks like" when an officer randomly sprayed pepper spray in her face. After the prick police assholes payed out $300,000 for excessive pepper spray force for another protest and promised it wouldn't happen again, guess what, IT DID. To the organizers of the protest YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE POLICE. They lie, they manipulate, and deceit is one of their main character traits. I keep hearing from the organizers of these marches that they are cooperating with the police, but this cooperation is still harming the people protesting. This woman was on the sidewalk, chanting, standing still, she was acting in a non violent fashion, and it didn't matter. You wore t-shirts saying peacekeeper, you failed to do so, and a citizen who was abiding by the law and excising her constitutinal rights had to pay the price. "

I can only hope that people will realize that the revolution is here. Now. And will hit the streets and join us.

How many others have to be hurt and arrested?

How many humans have to die?

You can hear the scatter gun during the first video at the 1:35 mark.
The people on the left side of the street between the two buildings, still bustled in and stopped, all ducked. And in that instant we all KNEW...

Fucking KNEW! that no matter what... we are all prisoners to the police force. That they are the tools of this corporate sponsored, tolerated terror Regime.

Ever hear people screaming due to the pepper spray?

We can march and march till they arrest us.

But they can't arrest us all. Sadly it's going to take all of us to stop this war and stop this madness.

I'm angry right now but I hear so many say, "you march for me"...

NO! I don't.

You didn't hear the scatter guns. You didn't hear the riot police from the paddy wagons running your way.

You weren't ducking down next to me saying, "oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit".

It's all just settling in. I'm angry, scared, shocked and... proud that I was there. It took me 24 hours to even talk about this with my husband. But he had already known about the riots and figured I hadn't been close or that I had to sort it all out first.

See, I don't like to scare my loved ones. They go through enough as it is.

They always ask me before I leave, "who is going to march with you?" "Who is going to be there with you?"

Will you? Next time?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Portland's Peace Rally

Portland, Oregon. March 18th, 2007

Slightly sunny day in Little Beirut.

Some anarchy, some nudity but mostly peaceful.

Marching, street theatre, action alerts.

Here is just some of what I saw.

There's our Katie!!!

Seriously Pissed Off Grannies from the Surge Protection Brigade. Yes, the rocking chairs are still being held by the cops. Just one of the many action tents put on for the community.

A little dude giving us all the Peace sign.

First protest I've been to where the sidewalks were mostly empty and the streets were packed.

God's creatures with weapons. Ironic for me.

Portlandia... she's always above me at marches.

Support the Troops; give them Halliburton Stock

Religous Left.

All around this statue, children had written messages of peace and hope in chalk.

I think my later diaries about today will be more focused.

Street Action.

Community Action.

Crowd/March itself.

Later.. my unraveled ramblings thoughts.

But it sucked having to have another Peace March. Hopefully we won't have to do this again next year.

Stop the NEXT WAR NOW!

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?

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Portland Peace Rally 3.18