Peace Gone Wild

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Mother's Day in Portland

Some from CodePink Portland -

(Cristy, Karen & a very somber Me)

On Mother's Day, over 75 people lined up along a park and golf course near Portland, Oregon.

They held no signs of protest, they didn't chant or sing - they were silent.

(my son kneeling next to a VFP 72 buddy)

Around their necks were the faces of the dead due to this illegal occupation and slaughter.

Many were faces of Iraqi children.

This incredible, active woman has been arrested so many times.

Cristy and Terri watching a Cop come over

Cop wanted to know who "was in charge of us all"... we said we were in charge of ourselves.

We are MOTHERS and we stand for PEACE!

Mothers of the world unite... don't let our children be killed or turned into killers.